Welcome to my e-portfolio and digital homestead. For several reasons, this will be a work in progress:

  • It took me decades to create my scattered digital identity, so I imagine it will take quite some time to corral it into some sort of order.
  • Relative to other more traditional forms of identity, there’s not a standard as to how to do an e-portfolio/digital presence, so I’ll be figuring out as I go along how this is going to look and cohere, and reserve the right to change my mind and change anything and everything when I feel like it.

Inspired in part by Alec Couros‘s warning about fragmenting digital identity, I am going to try to make this a single space, rather than separating a professional portfolio from other pieces of my digital identity. I’m not at all sure how this will work in practice. Here you will find:

Pages, sections, and categories as I get around to creating them

For more information, please feel free to contact me.